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A young Chinese company named “Realme” jumped into worldwide mobile phone market few months ago. The company also announced to introduce their latest Android smartphones in Pakistan. The target of the company in Pakistan will be 60% young generation and it aims to introduce the best smartphone in mid-range price. Only 4 months ago, the company, which started its business, has won the title of the fourth largest online brand by selling more than 10 million units in just 4 months. Similarly Indonesia has set a unique meal record with more than 40,000 units during 21 minutes. There are huge demand for mobile phones manufactured by Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Oppo in Pakistan and Realme may seriously affect the business of other companies, if Realme is succeeded to achieve the market with mid-range mobile phone with high-end features. We at MobiArray will let you know each and every things of Realme mobile phones with latest market price in 2018.


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