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Check number of SIM's on your CNIC

What is SIM Information System?

SIM Information System is a system developed and maintained by PTA. By this system, you can check that how many SIMs are registered against your CNIC. It shows you the detail of SIM registered at each network. This services is totally free and can be access through the following link: Check Now

Does this system show the complete number?

No. This system does not show the phone number registered against a CNIC but it only shows the total number of SIMs registered on a CNIC

How a foreign national can check registered SIMs against a passport

This system also provides an option that gives the detail to the foreign national by submitting one's passport number/ Foreign ID

I have converted my SIM to another network. How do I check the network of a SIM number?

Don't worry. You can check the network of any number by sending a message "N 03xx1234567" to 76367. Rs. 2 + tax will be deducted on each inquiry

There is a number which I do not own. How can I remove it against my CNIC?

PTA only provides the detail of registered SIM number. If you want to block/unregister a phone number, you can contact the network companies on the following numbers

Jazz: Helpline: 111 UAN: 111 300 300

Telenor: Helpline: 345 UAN: 111 345 300

Zong: Helpline: 310 UAN: 111 222 111